Need a Stunt Coordinator?   Welcome to Rivers Edge Stunts.  This page contains iInformation on Curtis Rivers Stunt Company, Rivers Edge Stunts.  If you're looking for a respected, safe and professional Stunt Coordinator - we are happy to help you. We specialise in giving you the perfect Stunt Coordinator for your production.  We can provide a skilled Stunt Coordinator to match your budget, providing safe professional screen action in a bespoke, cost effective way.

Whether you need just one Stunt Coordinator, more than one Stunt Coordinator, a professional stuntwoman, or a hundred stuntmen and stuntwomen,  Rivers Edge Stunts can deliver.  If you need more Stunt Coordinators to cover second units or underwater units - again, Rivers Edge Stunts can supply to your exact requirements, in time, and under budget.

Every  Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Performer we use is a highly skilled, highly qualified member of the JISC Register of Stunt Performers and Stunt Arrangers (previously the Equity Stunt Register), and fully conform to the exacting standards put in place by the JISC.

If you like your Stunt Arranger or Stunt Coordinator to provide conceptual and creative aspects - from script interpretation, through breakdowns, to actual realisation, please get in touch with us right away.

Use an experienced, quality Stunt Coordinator - use Rivers Edge Stunts.
I believe our success is due to our willingness to listen,  our ability to handle all of the logistics in an efficient and timely manner, and our keen interest in transferring the action from the script to the screen, in a safe, friendly and cost effective way.

I look forward to helping you with your Stunt Action.

Curtis Rivers
                                                  Curtis Rivers
                                                  World Record breaking Stunt Arranger & Performer.

Current World Records held, include leaping from a Hot-Air Balloon flying at 15,200ft, to smash the World Record for
the Highest Bungee Jump - and flying his parachute canopy for 45 minutes breathing oxygen at 25,000ft above the earth, for The Longest Parachute Jump.  As Director of Rivers Edge Stunts, he continues to safely strive for excellence and originality, in all areas of TV, film, commercial and corprate stunt action.
Our company was formed back in 1996, and has since delivered hundreds of safe, dynamic stunts to the Television, Film, Commercial and Corporate Sectors.  We are proud to have maintained our unblemished, 100% safety record, and to have matured into one of the UKs leading stunt companies.